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Holding it Together

There is only a thin line that separates sanity and insanity, so they say. When I opened my eyes this morning, I felt like I was standing on that thin line, trying hard to figure out which side to choose. I don't know what's exactly in my mind but I felt like I didn't want to get off my bed. Lazybones. Yeah.

I forced myself to go to work. It's just five hours and I thought time would just pass quickly. I spoke to my clients this morning like the voice I hear isn't mine, like someone else is speaking for me. It sounds crazy, I know. My mind was wandering somewhere else; but, I still managed to get through that five hours.

Before I go home, I dropped by the nearby mall and bought myself a milk tea. On my way to the stall that sells overpriced teas, I passed by a couple who were holding hands while walking. I wondered if they really love each other, or maybe, they're just fooling around, or whatever. Why should I even care? lol.

It feels like the day has just passed me by. Like I just watched everything and I didn't really get involved with anything. I just existed in the places I've been today and nothing else. Wooohooo. I think I need to sleep.

One more thing before I end this post, I feel so sad that this blog's PR dropped from 1 to 0. I know I've been missing in action the past few weeks. It's just, I'm too busy with other stuff and I am having a hard time juggling my sched between work, rest, blogging and other important things. As usual, my priority is getting adequate rest. hayyysss. I obviously need to gain weight because every time I look in the mirror, I only see bones and skin. bwahahaha. Oyeah, it's exaggerated.

Have a nice weekend guys! :)

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